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OrthodoxABC. Orthodox Religious Education Resources for Young Children

Den ortodokse kirken i Amerika (Nord-Amerika, USA). Offentlig side
Free downloadable catechetical/Sunday school lessons specially created for parents and teachers. Developed by parents, along with catechetical school teachers, and reviewed by clergymen.
Språk: Русский, English, Français, Ελληνικά, Românã   Overgang: +0/-56
Lagt til katalogen: 06.12.2014, endret: 24.11.2016
Seksjoner: Barn og oppdragelse, Studiestoff, Ortodoksiens første trinn
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Educational Use of Church Singing
Den ortodokse kirken i Ukraina, Krivoj Rog bispedømme (South-West, Ukraina). Offentlig side
Principle of the self-instruction manual (the note + the cartridge). Examples of PDF, mp3. Transactions: Unchangeable church chanting of Nightlong vigiland Divine Liturgy; Osmoglasnik; Chanting of triod fast; Chanting of Sacred Easter; Chanting of Sacraments; Chanting Passionate Week. History, projects & homilies.
Språk: Русский, English   Overgang: +1/-20
Lagt til katalogen: 25.02.2006, endret: 17.07.2018
Seksjoner: Musikkvitenskap, Studiestoff
Se også: Musikksamlinger, Otrodoks kirkemusikk og sang, Gudstjeneste, Noter, Musikksamlinger, Musikk
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Iconography Guide

Den serbiske ortodokse kirken (Balkans, Serbia and Montenegro). Personlig side
Free iconography learning site.
Språk: English, Српски   Overgang: +0/-26
Lagt til katalogen: 13.11.2009, endret: 17.05.2012
Seksjoner: Studiestoff, Ikonmaling
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Orthodox-adapted Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Antiokia-patriarkatet (Nord-Amerika, USA). Offentlig side
Resources for exploring the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (religious education for children 3-12) from an Orthodox perspective.
Speilversjon, alternative og gamle versjoner: http://www.stathanasius.org/ministries/youth-education/catechesis/
Språk: English   Overgang: +0/-26
Lagt til katalogen: 20.05.2011, endret: 09.07.2018
Seksjoner: Søndagsskoler og menighetsskoler, Barn og oppdragelse, Studiestoff, Utdannelse
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Viktor Petrovich Lega. Personal Website
Den Russiske ortodokse kirken, Moskva bispedømme (Moskva og omegn, Russland). Personlig side
Assistant professor of theology and philosophy at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow State Linguistic University and Sretensky Theological Seminary. Lectures and programs on Christian apologetics, philosophy, books, articles, comments, events and contacts.
Språk: Русский, English   Overgang: +0/-21
Lagt til katalogen: 10.06.2004, endret: 02.07.2018
Seksjoner: Studiestoff, Lekmannssider
Se også: Ortodoks utdannelse i borgerlige skoler og universiteter, Theologi, den hellige fedres lære, Utdannelse
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Saint Kassiani Press. Journaling Throughout the Liturgical Year for Children Ages 7 and Up
Den ortodokse kirken i Amerika (Nord-Amerika, USA). Offentlig side
А creative and hands-on approach to studying, commemorating, and celebrating Pascha, the Twelve Great Feasts of the Orthodox Christian liturgical year, and the inspiring lives of a selection of twelve saints of the Church. А multi-level, introductory course, appropriate for children 7 years of age and older.
Språk: English   Overgang: +0/-17
Lagt til katalogen: 06.12.2014
Seksjoner: Forlag, trykkerier, Studiestoff
Se også: Barn og oppdragelse, Kalender og navn
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English Language Study for Russian Orthodox Learners
Den Russiske ortodokse kirken (Alle regioner, Russland). Personlig side
Educational site for Russian Orthodox schools, seminaries and independent language learners. Contains a year-long course of study based on the Church calendar. Also includes lives of early British saints and a translation of Miraculous Temple by Pyotr Yershov. Suitable for intermediate English study.
Språk: Русский, English   Overgang: +0/-15
Lagt til katalogen: 09.04.2014, endret: 12.07.2015
Seksjoner: Studiestoff, Språk, språkkunskap, skrift
Se også: Prose, Helgenberetninger, Litteratur
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Phyllis Meshel Onest, Akron, Ohio
Konstantinopel-patriarkatet (Nord-Amerika, USA). Personlig side
Home page of the former Director of the Office of Religious Education, the Metropolis of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Resources for Church School, Clergy, Parents; articles on teaching methods, teacher development; lesson plans; classroom activities, worksheets, crafts & handouts; Lenten 40-day projects; ready-to-print books, games, projects, posters; Christmas plays; Orthodox family life articles; adult education; archived Newsletters; Planning Calendars.
Språk: English   Overgang: +0/-15
Lagt til katalogen: 22.06.2005, endret: 15.07.2014
Seksjoner: Studiestoff, Utdannelse, Lekmannssider
Se også: Konstantinopel-patriarkatets bispedømmer, Faste, Familie, Kirkeliv
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Books of Orthodox Christian Education by Irene Economides
Konstantinopel-patriarkatet (Balkans, Hellas). Personlig side
Books about Orthodox Christian culture, theological texts translated or written by Irene Economides. Differences between the Orthodox Church & Roman Catholicism. The two faces of the Greek civilization. Apostolic pilgrimages in Greece. The Patmos Island.
Språk: English, Français, Italiano   Overgang: +0/-13
Lagt til katalogen: 17.08.2005, endret: 20.09.2018
Seksjoner: Studiestoff, Kirkens historie
Se også: Kirker av Konstantinopel-patriarkatet, Klostrer av Konstantinopel-patriarkatet, Sekta, forholdet til ikke ortodoks kristne, Historie, Helgenberetninger, Theologi, den hellige fedres lære, Ortodoks lære, Konstantinopels patriarkat
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Illumination Learning. Orthodox Christian Educational Resources
Nord-Amerika, USA). Personlig side
A network for sharing Orthodox Christian educational resources.
Språk: English   Overgang: +0/-12
Lagt til katalogen: 04.05.2011, endret: 03.12.2014
Seksjoner: Studiestoff
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Orthodox Christian Education. Resources and Ideas
Konstantinopel-patriarkatet (Nord-Amerika, USA). Personlig side
Orthodox Christian upbringing. Free resource share.
Språk: English   Overgang: +0/-4
Lagt til katalogen: 01.12.2014
Seksjoner: Barn og oppdragelse, Studiestoff
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True-Life Stories About the War

Den Russiske ortodokse kirken, Moskva bispedømme (Moskva og omegn, Russland). Personlig side
Unbiased coverage of heroic and tragic events of the World War II (1939–1945) and the Great Patriotic War (1941–1945). An attempt at forming an objective, fact-based view. Wartime activity of the Russian Orthodox Church. Forgotten and unknown facts, rare photos.
Speilversjon, alternative og gamle versjoner: http://world-war2.ru/
Språk: Русский, English, Deutsch   Overgang: +0/-35
Lagt til katalogen: 05.06.2005, endret: 16.09.2018
Seksjoner: Historie
Se også: Prose, Orthodox Woman, Kirke og Forsvaret, Studiestoff, Kirkens historie
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Holy Trinity Orthodox School, Jordanville, NY
Den russiske utenlandskirke (Nord-Amerika, USA). Offentlig side
The Holy Trinity Theological School on the Internet has been created to assist and extend the activities of the Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, N.Y. The selection of study materials and their publication on the Internet was managed by Bishop Alexander (Mileant). Program. Participants. Textbooks. Donations. Questions. Admissions. Suggestions. Tests.
Språk: Русский, English, Español   Overgang: +0/-27
Lagt til katalogen: 17.12.2001, endret: 30.08.2018
Seksjoner: Ortodokse skoler og gymnasier
Se også: Studiestoff, Den Russiske Utenlandskirken, Utdannelse
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E-Quip Orthodox Course in Faith and Life
Antiokia-patriarkatet (Vest-Europa, Storbritannia). Offentlig side
A distance learning course in Orthodox Christian faith and life. A free reading service or a fee based diploma option. A service provided by the Antiochian Orthodox Church (Acts 11:26).
Speilversjon, alternative og gamle versjoner: http://webbrain.com/u/13DS
Språk: English   Overgang: +0/-23
Lagt til katalogen: 14.12.2015, endret: 09.07.2018
Seksjoner: Misjon, Utdannelse, Ortodoksiens første trinn
Se også: Studiestoff
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Centre for Spiritual Support of the Orthodox Communities in Confinement

Den Russiske ortodokse kirken (Alle regioner, Russland). Offentlig side
St. Ephrem of Syria’s Centre for Spiritual Support of the Orthodox Communities in Confinement.
Språk: Русский, English   Overgang: +0/-20
Lagt til katalogen: 24.01.2005, endret: 09.08.2018
Seksjoner: Services to Prison Inmates
Se også: Misjon, Velferd og nåde, Studiestoff, Ortodokse univeristeter og høyskoler, Kirke og samfunn, Utdannelse
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Moscow Bell Centre

Den Russiske ortodokse kirken, Moskva bispedømme (Moskva og omegn, Russland). Offentlig side
Moscow Bell Centre has been acting since 1995 by His Holiness, Holy Patriarchy of Moscow and all Russia Aleksey’s II blessing, with the aim of preparing highly qualified bell ringers for Russian Orthodox Church. All wishing to study, primarily those recommended by temples and monasteries, are accepted. The period of studies is 3 months. The program consists of theoretical courses, as well as practical studies of church toll. An official certificate is given after finishing studies.
Språk: Русский, English, Français, Nederlands   Overgang: +0/-19
Lagt til katalogen: 18.03.2002, endret: 09.10.2018
Seksjoner: Klokkerskoler, Klokkemusikk, Frivillige organisasjoner
Se også: Musikkvitenskap, Butikker, Studiestoff, Utdannelse, Musikk
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The Aurel Jivi Society
Den rumenske ortodokse kirken (Øst-Europa, Romania). Offentlig side
This blog has been created for the students attending the author's English for Theology class. It contains Orthodox links and various teaching materials. There is also a chat applet for sharing thoughts on the reading materials and Orthodoxy in general.
Språk: English   Overgang: +0/-16
Lagt til katalogen: 14.01.2008, endret: 26.01.2010
Seksjoner: Orthodox Educational Fellowships
Se også: Studiestoff, Utdannelse
Toppliste: -
Paidea Classics. Orthodox Chocolates and Orthodox Homeschooling
Antiokia-patriarkatet (Nord-Amerika, USA). Offentlig side
Orthodox homeschooling family-run business. Focus on historical narratives, Great Books adapted for children, literature covering Early and Eastern Church history, and educational materials. Paschal, St. Nicholas, and Nativity chocolate coins available seasonally.
Speilversjon, alternative og gamle versjoner: http://www.paideaclassics.com/
Språk: English   Overgang: +0/-16
Lagt til katalogen: 06.02.2007, endret: 04.11.2015
Seksjoner: Bokhandel, Barn og oppdragelse, Brøderska, søsterskap og åndelige organisasjoner
Se også: Studiestoff, Ortodoks lære, Web-shop
Toppliste: -
Department of Christian Education of the Orthodox Church in America
Den ortodokse kirken i Amerika (Nord-Amerika, USA). Offentlig side
Activity books, teacher resources, events, contact information.
Språk: English   Overgang: +0/-14
Lagt til katalogen: 13.05.2011
Seksjoner: Utdannelse, Den ortodokse kirken i Amerika
Se også: Studiestoff
Toppliste: -
Orthodox Christian Library. E-Quip Course in Orthodox Faith and Life
Antiokia-patriarkatet (Nord-Amerika, USA). Offentlig side
Lecture audio archive.
Språk: English   Overgang: +0/-12
Lagt til katalogen: 09.12.2015, endret: 10.12.2015
Seksjoner: Prekener, Nettbiblioteker
Se også: Studiestoff
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