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Educational Use of Church Singing
Den ortodokse kirken i Ukraina, Krivoj Rog bispedømme (South-West, Ukraina). Offentlig side
Principle of the self-instruction manual (the note + the cartridge). Examples of PDF, mp3. Transactions: Unchangeable church chanting of Nightlong vigiland Divine Liturgy; Osmoglasnik; Chanting of triod fast; Chanting of Sacred Easter; Chanting of Sacraments; Chanting Passionate Week. History, projects & homilies.
Språk: Русский, English   Overgang: +0/-6
Lagt til katalogen: 25.02.2006, endret: 17.07.2018
Seksjoner: Musikkvitenskap, Studiestoff
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Byzantine Music Instructional Video Library
Konstantinopel-patriarkatet (Nord-Amerika, USA). Offentlig side
А collection of instructional videos of the most practical sections of the Anastasimatarion, performed, explained and interpreted by the Archon Hymnodist of the Great Church of Christ, George Hatzichronoglou.
Språk: English, Ελληνικά   Overgang: +0/-4
Lagt til katalogen: 08.12.2014, endret: 23.05.2018
Seksjoner: Musikksamlinger, Musikkvitenskap, Otrodoks kirkemusikk og sang
Se også: Gudstjeneste, Musikk
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Psaltic Notes
Den gresk-ortodokse kirken (Balkans, Hellas). Personlig side
A site dedicated to anyone interested in Byzantine chant, hymnology, and liturgics. Site includes translations, transcriptions, links, lessons, typikon and a plethora of information. Related blog and podcast.
Språk: English, Ελληνικά   Overgang: +0/-2
Lagt til katalogen: 28.06.2005, endret: 22.03.2019
Seksjoner: Musikkvitenskap, Noter
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Byzantine Chant. A Website of the Byzantine Choir of St. George Cathedral, Pittsburgh, PA
Antiokia-patriarkatet (Nord-Amerika, USA). Offentlig side
Devoted to spreading Byzantine music throughout the English speaking world while preserving the Byzantine ethos, in contrast to the Western execution of Byzantine music. Byzantine notation manual, history of Byzantine chant, scales, tutorials, streaming lessons, tones, resources, glossary, videos, recordings, discography, and links.
Språk: English   Overgang: +0/-1
Lagt til katalogen: 08.12.2014
Seksjoner: Musikkvitenskap, Kormusikk, kanter, Znamennyj sang
Se også: Musikksamlinger, Otrodoks kirkemusikk og sang, Noter, Musikere, grupper, Musikksamlinger, Musikk
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Alleliua. Online Orthodox Radio
Den rumenske ortodokse kirken (Balkans, Romania). Offentlig side
Broadcasts Orthodox Christian music online. Radio, forum and chat.
Speilversjon, alternative og gamle versjoner: http://www.aliluia.ro/
Språk: English, Românã   Overgang: +0/-9
Lagt til katalogen: 13.08.2011, endret: 07.04.2018
Seksjoner: Radio og radioprogrammer
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Valaam Monastery

Den Russiske ortodokse kirken, Stavropigial underordning (Nord-Vest, Russland). Offentlig side
The official website of the Valaam monastery. Heritage and today of the monastery. Photos, music, pilgrimage, restoration, contacts, Q&A and appeal for help.
Språk: Русский, English   Overgang: +0/-9
Lagt til katalogen: 28.01.2001, endret: 22.03.2019
Seksjoner: Klostre
Se også: Skjermbilde, Musikksamlinger, Musikkvitenskap, Otrodoks kirkemusikk og sang, Kirke og Forsvaret, Reiseliv, pilegrimsreise, Spørsmål og svar, Foto, Musikk
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Psalom. Traditional Eastern Orthodox Chant Documentation Project

Nord-Amerika, USA). Personlig side
General Principles of Orthodox Chant. Hymnography. Reference. Musicological Research. Musical Notation Systems. Archives. Links. Regional Chant Systems.
Språk: English   Overgang: +0/-9
Lagt til katalogen: 11.02.2005, endret: 14.06.2018
Seksjoner: Otrodoks kirkemusikk og sang
Se også: Programs, scripts, Web services, Musikkvitenskap, Kormusikk, kanter, Znamennyj sang, Fellestro, gammeltro, Musikk
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Doxologia. Byzantine Music Society of the Basque Country
Den serbiske ortodokse kirken (South-Western Europe, Spania). Offentlig side
The Society of the Basque Country works with every layer of Basque society and takes on the role of steward for a specialized reference collection of Byzantine iconography and liturgical texts. Parish life, divine liturgy, pilgrimage.
Språk: English, Español, others   Overgang: +0/-7
Lagt til katalogen: 19.04.2006, endret: 15.11.2011
Seksjoner: Gudstjeneste, Frivillige organisasjoner
Se også: Musikkvitenskap, skoler for ikonmaling, Prekener, Åndelige akademier og seminaria, Helgenberetninger, Theologi, den hellige fedres lære, Utdannelse, Ortodoks lære
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Moscow Bell Centre

Den Russiske ortodokse kirken, Moskva bispedømme (Moskva og omegn, Russland). Offentlig side
Moscow Bell Centre has been acting since 1995 by His Holiness, Holy Patriarchy of Moscow and all Russia Aleksey’s II blessing, with the aim of preparing highly qualified bell ringers for Russian Orthodox Church. All wishing to study, primarily those recommended by temples and monasteries, are accepted. The period of studies is 3 months. The program consists of theoretical courses, as well as practical studies of church toll. An official certificate is given after finishing studies.
Språk: Русский, English, Français, Nederlands   Overgang: +0/-7
Lagt til katalogen: 18.03.2002, endret: 09.10.2018
Seksjoner: Klokkerskoler, Klokkemusikk, Frivillige organisasjoner
Se også: Musikkvitenskap, Butikker, Studiestoff, Utdannelse, Musikk
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Serbian Chant. Website of Nikola Resanović
Den serbiske ortodokse kirken (Nord-Amerika, USA). Personlig side
Serbian Orthodox spiritual chant in audio (mp3) and manuscript (pdf), adapted by Nikola Resanović.
Språk: English   Overgang: +0/-4
Lagt til katalogen: 17.01.2011
Seksjoner: Musikksamlinger, Otrodoks kirkemusikk og sang, Noter
Se også: Musikkvitenskap, Musikksamlinger, Musikk
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BZQuality. Byzantine Music Parallagi Software
Den gresk-ortodokse kirken (Balkans, Hellas). Offentlig side
An electronic assistance in how to learn Byzantine Music. It plays the basic Parallagi(Solfege) / Harmony / Melody of a score. It pronounces the note syllables, with a human voice. It analyzes Quality (e.g. of Petasti, Flutter, Yodel, etc) from nothing (flat) up to a maximum choice. It finds orthographical errors and suggests corrections. You may download the latest versions of the BZQ program, the Step-by-Step guide and the examples.
Språk: English, Español, Ελληνικά   Overgang: +0/-4
Lagt til katalogen: 18.09.2015
Seksjoner: Programs, scripts, Web services, Otrodoks kirkemusikk og sang
Se også: Musikkvitenskap, Znamennyj sang, Musikk
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The Orthodox Church Singing in Japan
Den ortodokse kirken i Japan (Eastern Asia, Japan). Personlig side
Introduction of the Orthodox Church Singing in Japan. History: the activity of St. Nikolai (Kasatkin) of Japan in Meiji Era.
Speilversjon, alternative og gamle versjoner: http://www.orthodox-jp.com/maria/
Språk: English, 日本語   Overgang: +0/-3
Lagt til katalogen: 10.07.2003, endret: 05.04.2013
Seksjoner: Otrodoks kirkemusikk og sang
Se også: Musikkvitenskap, Sangetekster, Lekmannssider, Den ortodokse kirke i Japan, Musikk
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Frater Oleg. Personal Website of a Musician and Gregorian Chant Researcher

Den ortodokse kirken i Ukraina (Vest-Europa, Ukraina). Personlig side
Personal website of a musician and Gregorian Chant researcher. Author interested basically in philosophy of religion, focusing especially on historical interaction between religion and human culture. One of the results of such interaction in European region is Gregorian chant.
Språk: Русский, English, Українська   Overgang: +0/-1
Lagt til katalogen: 15.09.2011, endret: 17.08.2018
Seksjoner: Znamennyj sang, Musikere, grupper
Se også: Musikksamlinger, Musikkvitenskap, Musikk
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International Society for Orthodox Church Music (ISOCM)
Den finske ortodokse kirken (Nord-Europa, Finland). Offentlig side
Founded to provide researchers, composers, singers, and students with opportunities to meet, share experiences and scores, and to participate in conferences worldwide. This website enables ISOCM to achieve those goals by helping musicians in the discovery of materials, digital manuscripts, and the exchanging of ideas to enhance the development of musical resources.
Språk: English   Overgang: +0/-0
Lagt til katalogen: 15.07.2009, endret: 18.03.2019
Seksjoner: Musikkbegivenheter, Otrodoks kirkemusikk og sang, Organisasjoner
Se også: Musikkvitenskap, Musikk
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